How to impact with your pitch

Advice and inspiration for a convincing pitch

A necessary step on the way to developing your project : giving several pitches .
What's the point ? Pitching is a way to convince and to get visibility.
You want to get what's necessary to scale the project up.

Orateur présentant debout sur une scène.

You want to get better at pitching ? Or you’ve never given a pitch and don’t know how to start ? Here is a few pieces of advice and some references to help you answer those questions.

Find several tips and tricks in our selection of articles and videos shared underneath.
They might help you stand you !

6 key points to mention in your pitch

  1. The idea – the problem and the need behind,
  2. The team – who are you,
  3. What’s your state of development in both quantitative and qualitative terms,
    How is your concept validated,
  4. The business model – what can you sell and what’s the potential margin,
  5. What’s the next steps within 6 months,
  6. How much money will be needed to get there ?

by Benoit Lips from Digital BW .


A sudden digital switchover

Pitching might be a difficult exercise. It gets even harder if you have to film it. All of a sudden you have to become multitask : cameraman, producer, scriptwriter and video editor. All this requires to master so many new skills that are not at you disposal. For this very reason we selected 3 pieces of advice to support you. Hope they can help in the creation of your pitch video.

Get doing
Something is better than nothing. You don’t necessarily need a professional video. Smartphones can offer a sufficient and even high image quality. What’s necessary is good lightening and a nice background. No need of any studio, or “green key”… just pay attention to what’s around you. Filming in your garage or laundry room is not an option. You don’t want others to think you’ve made no effort to get it.

The art of recording
One drawback when recording with a smartphone is the audio quality. The best would be to buy a micro (Bluetooth or wired) if you can afford it, even a small one. That will make a difference. In the worst case just use wired earphones.

A dynamic speech
Pitching in duo might give a more dynamic image. (Of course this is not recommended when pitching on stage.) No need to switch speaker every 10 seconds. Just 2 or 3 changes are enough. However this is not a dialog between the two of you. Remember you are addressing the public remotely.

Successful video-pitch – seen at Mind & Market

  1. Pitch from Bwat | Mind & Market Namur 2021
  2. Pitch from Fline | Transition Awards 2020
  3. Pitch from Sauvons Maya | M&MLLNumérique


Some helpful articles

  1. Developing A Good Pitch: A How-To Guide For Entrepreneurs Sharing Ideas
     by Philip Bahoshy, on Entrepreneur Middle East
  2. Want a Better Pitch? Watch This.
     by Andy Raskin, on Medium
  3. What do I look for in a pitch?
    by Sarah Guo, on Greylock
Oratrice présentant debout sur une scène.

Some helpful vidéos

  • How to give the perfect pitch with TedX speech coach David Becket

  • The Airbnb Pitch Deck that raised $500K in 2009 by Slidebean

  • Pitching checklist by Board of innovation

  • Comment bien pitcher en vidéo ? par Mind&Market