Find the most frequently asked questions about Mind & Market and Forums below.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Mind & Market a competition? Is there a prize to win?

    No. Mind & Market is essentially a tool aimed at developing young entrepreneurial projects. Mind & Market can nevertheless punctually organise pitching contests with participation on a voluntary basis. Registration to Mind & Market doesn’t automatically lead to participation to those competitions.

  • Are there any selection criteria for posting a project on the website and participating to Mind & Market events?

    The only selection criterion is the innovative aspect of your project (see below). Mind & Market is open to everyone.

  • Is my project innovative?

    An innovative project develops a new product / process / service or improves existing ones. Mind & Market supports all kinds of innovation, in exact sciences as much as in social sciences or sustainability. However, if you have a doubt about the innovative aspect of your project, you can send us a message throught the contact form (lien vers la page) with a description of your project. We will give you our feedback upon short notice.

  • Why join Mind & Market?

    You are an innovative project owner, but you lack some necessary skills to materialize it (IT, marketing, design, management, technology, aso). Mind & Market helps you identify entrepreneurs which can associate their knowledge to yours.

    If you don’t master all the aspects of business creation, Mind & Market will put you in contact with supportive and educational partners.

    If ou wish to confront your project with companies or experts in the sector in order to get feedback on its interest and feasibility. Mind & Market puts you in direct contact with them. We do this via a web platform allowing exchanges between its members, and via networking events such as the annual Forum

  • How do I protect my ideas? How far can I go in the public description of my project? Do I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement with my discussion partners?

    We draw your attention to the fact that all project contents are visible to any member of Mind & Market. Therefore, you should not voluntarily disclose confidential data that needs to be protected with a patent or a non-disclosure agreement. However, if you wish to make the most out of your Mind & Market experience, please keep in mind that you must be explicit about the nature of your project, your objectives, and your requirements. Projects described too briefly or imprecisely will not attract the interest of members from the Mind & Market community.

    If you are a university-based researcher, your best advisor and privileged partner is your university’s technology transfer office.

  • How do I join the Mind & Market community?

    Click the button “register to this forum” on an event page.

  • How can I post a project on the website?

    Click the button “register to this forum” on an event page. You will previously be asked to register to our Mind & Market web platform.

  • We are a team working on the same project. Can we all be administrators of the same project?

    Yes. The first member to post a project on the Mind & Market website will become project administrator automatically. Other team members must register on the Mind & Market website and ask the project administrator to become members of the project.

  • Is it possible to post several projects?

    Yes. You can also be a project owner and a member of other projects.

  • Are there any supporting or advisory services provided within Mind & Market?

    Yes, you can get support from our direct partners.

  • Do I have to pay for the registration to the web platform and the subscription to the annual Forum?

    No. Thanks to our sponsors, everything is free for now.