Mind & Market achieves carbon neutrality.

Mind & Market is not waiting until 2050 and will carbon neutrality from now on. Thanks to our partnership with l'Alliance Centre BW, we are offsetting our carbon footprint through a reforestation project : "Plant your business tree".

By aiming for carbon neutrality, Mind & Market complies with the sustainability framework sets by the UN. We are convinced that by pursuing these sustainability objectives, we are better contributing to connecting innovation to the market within ever more successful entrepreneurial ecosystems.

We are already reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, but cancelling our environmental footprint is quite a process… Despite our reductions, Mind & Market’s carbon footprint is about 10,5 tons of CO2 equivalent per year events excluded.

We have decided to offset these remaining emissions through reforestation by joining the Plant your business tree movement launched by the Alliance Centre BW. This reforestation plan aims at the conservation and planting of trees in Belgium and Madagascar.

  1. In Belgium,
    « The objective of the project is to create:
    – 1 permaculture orchard at L’Arbre qui Pousse in Ottignies in 2020.
    – 2 urban forests at L’Axis Parc in 2021.
    – 1 wood in the Zone Nord de Wavre in 2021.
  2. In Madagasar,
    « 25 trees per 100 M² will be planted in Madagascar. These will allow with the years, the sequestration of minimum 2500 kg of CO2 each year.»

Collective action has more impact. Every commitment counts, what’s yours ?

Discover how innovation supports the social and ecological transition through more than 30 projects on the M&M platform. The “Transitions Awards” are an opportunity to reward these projects and to discuss sustainability in the business world.

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