Organize a forum

Do you want to develop innovative entrepreneurship in your ecosystem? Take part in the Mind & Market adventure and organize a Forum in your community!

Since 2009, we have been working on an event format that requires a small organising team and brings together stakeholders from your local entrepreneurial community to connect innovation to the market.

A forum brings together the following organisations

  • Innovative entrepreneurial projects owners
  • Education and research institutions
  • Service Providers
  • Companies present on the market
  • Public authorities
  • Investors

Our event formula is validated and efficient thanks to more than 14 years of operation and a state-of-the-art technological platform.

The aftermovie of the Forum Mind & Market Louvain-la-Neuve 2018 gives you a glimpse of a forum

Express the entrepreneurial spirit of your ecosystem

The objective of a forum is to offer as many opportunities as possible to project owners to confront their innovative idea to the market, to get constructive feedback in order to launch (or stop) their project as soon as possible.

A Mind & Market Forum will be the annual meeting place for all those who are starting up an innovative entrepreneurial project and those who support them.

A Mind & Market forum is organised according to 5 flagship activities during the event:

  • Pitching of projects in front of a panel of experts. The start-up receives as much constructive feedback as possible.
  • Speed-meetings between start-ups and directors/executives of benchmark companies. The objective is to create a relationship to find the first customers and launch the company.
  • A matchmaking between start-ups and various financing players. Start-ups can present themselves for future fundraising and can find a suitable financial partner.
  • An inspiring keynote conference to inspire all participants to be entrepreneurial and innovative.
  • A challenge zone in which projects present their innovation, partner organisations their services and a maximum of constructive exchanges on the projects can take place.
  • The proclamation of the winning projects for each category of pitches to celebrate the most promising projects and to support them in their development.

A state-of-the-art web platform

To support the day’s activities, Mind & Market makes its web platform Mind & Market available to the organisers.

The platform speeds up the organization of the event by centralizing registrations, highlighting projects and partners, but also by automatically organizing the schedules of pitch and speed-meeting sessions.

Furthermore, each user can prepare his or her meeting agenda via the participant matchmaking function. This makes networking easier and faster and makes the day all the more efficient.

The data collected by the platform also make it possible to easily feed the reports of the organisers to their hierarchy and partners.

How to get started

You would like to organize a Forum, but you are wondering where to start?

We are here to guide you in the organization of your Forum by providing you with the necessary tools and guides.

  1. Our library of guides will support you in structuring logistics, communication, branding, etc.
  2. We have a section specifically dedicated to ensuring the organization of a sustainable event.
  3. A clear license and partnership agreement are available upon request.
  4. The Mind & Market organizer community supports you in the organization of the event.

Get in touch

If you have the ambition to bring together your business ecosystems to support the innovative projects of tomorrow, contact us.