Who are we ?

Mind & Market supports innovative projects

Mind & Market is the result of a collaboration between Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) and a local business association based in Louvain-la-Neuve : Alliance Centre BW. Mind & Market has been supporting innovative projects since 2009. Projects originate from both academic and business backgrounds in the local entrepreneurial ecosystems in which the forums are organised.

The term innovation is meant in the broad sense. It includes all kinds of innovations – in products, services and processes – and all sorts of activities – e.g. health, ICT, engineering, chemicals, food, marketing, management, sustainable development and so on.

Through its web platform (www.mindandmarket.be), afterwork meetings and annual forums, Mind & Market pursues a double objective:

  1. Build a winning team around the owner(s) of an innovative project,
  2. Confront the innovation with the market.

In short, Mind & Market brings together project owners and skilled entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, companies and supporting organizations. The latter surround project owners with their abilities, experience and knowledge of the market; acting as catalysts for the realization of the project owner’s ideas, accelerating their development and supporting them throughout the first steps following the creation of a start-up.