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Mind and Market connects innovation to the market, two worlds that are a little too far apart.

The market is often apprehended (too) late, with an offer that does not meet its expectations, and the lack of commercial and financial strategy of the project leader - scientist or technician - condemns the project to oblivion.

A Mind & Market Forum offers a space for innovative project leaders to come and meet the actors present in their local entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to:

  1. Build the winning team around the owner(s) of an innovative project.
  2. Confront their innovation with the market.

Entrepreneurs and visitors in search of innovation for their company can

  • Quickly monitor their markets.
  • Share their experience and open their address book to the entrepreneurial gems of tomorrow.
  • Integrate or invest in the team of a project that appeals to them and that needs skills and funds.

A successful Mind & Market Forum

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For project leaders, choose your activity according to your stage of progress.

Prepare your appointments the day before the event via the matchmaking interface between participants.

Meet, challenge, listen. The collective objective is to give as much constructive feedback to projects so that they can go to market as quickly as possible.

Experience the journey of an entrepreneurial project leader on video

5 good reasons to participate in the Mind and Market Forum as project leader

  1. Get support
    Ambition and determination to build an innovative project are key factors that will guide a project leader towards success, but it is equally important that he surrounds himself with the right people. The forum is there to support this entrepreneurial journey by bringing together all the means available in the local entrepreneurial community.
  2. Detect entrepreneurial potential
    Participating in the forum’s activities will make it possible to detect the entrepreneurial potential of the innovative project. It will accelerate access to the market according to the stage of development: identifying potential partners or clients, raising funds, getting support, training, creating a winning team around the project,…
  3. Challenge your project
    Challenging your project in front of a panel of expert judges during the pitching sessions offers live qualitative feedback. In addition, the speed-meetings are a privileged moment with company directors or investors with the aim of creating contacts that were previously inaccessible!
  4. Network and find business opportunities
    By being strategic, the project leader can take advantage of the six hours of meeting opportunities offered by the forum. All those who are passionate about the profession will be present and will offer their professional experience and network of contacts. It will be easier to find a patron, a mentor or an associate with complementary skills to those of the team members!
  5. Be aware of the latest trends
    The forum is the place to be to discover the latest trends in innovation. It is important to broaden your knowledge in your field of activity by participating in the forum. Curiosity will have a positive impact on creativity and project development.

5 good reasons to visit the Mind and Market Forum as an attendee

  1. Be up to date on the latest trends in innovation
    The forum is the place to be to discover the latest innovations in all sectors.
  2. Support emerging projects
    You could be the reason why a project owner has decided to go into entrepreneurship, but you could also be the reason they continue.
  3. Get inspired and getting into entrepreneurship
    Use your creativity, get inspired and dare to live the life of an entrepreneur.
  4. Discover and strengthen your network
    All the actors of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem will be present. The forum is the ideal event to meet new people.
  5. Search for job opportunities
    Many project leaders are looking for people with complementary skills. You could be the ideal candidate!
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Jonathan Schockaert, of the ListMinut company:

“Our first competition was the Mind and Market Forum and there we were confronted with professionals from the sector who questioned our idea at the time by asking us the right questions that we didn’t ask ourselves when we were in our bubble, among ourselves.

Following the Mind and Market, we decided to abandon the project and find another one which was… ListMinut. We won two awards the following year. It mostly showed us that we had learned from the experience, that we had asked ourselves the right questions. (…)

I think there are a lot of things that make us alive right now, but without Mind & Market, we might never have created this company.”

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