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Project description

Thingsflow is an artificial intelligence startup that has developed and is operating the character chatbot “Hellobot” app. The Hellobot app officially started its service in February 2018 and has exceeded 1 million downloads in 9 months of launch. “Ramama”, the representative chatbot of Hellobot, provided love counseling to more than 2.8 million people on various platforms such as Facebook messenger, Kakaotalk, and artificial intelligence speaker as well as the Hellobot app, which is its own service. Hellobot is currently the domestic chatbot service and has the most active users.

Issue addressed by the project

Anxiety, loneliness, and stress are increasing more and more. But due to today's environment, people need virtual solutions. By choosing a character that is in Hellobot app to discuss topics including entertainment, fortune telling, and mental health people can solve the problem.

Solution(s) brought by the project

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