Transport/logistic/mobility Sustainability Smart cities Internet of things

Project description

The project aims to create a circulation of bike usage. The project will work with the smartphone app and smart ring lock. The smartphone app will let people rent the bike, and the smart ring lock will help secure the bike and track its usage. The main principle is that whoever has a bike can register (owner) for the project, and they can get and place their smart ring lock. The person who wants to commute with registered bikes (renter) can search for the bikes around, unlock them, and commute to their destination. In addition to that, thanks to the smart lock tracking feature, the bikes can be tracked anytime and it can prevent future bike thefts. The aim is to increase cycle usage throughout the city while letting the owner make money.

Issue addressed by the project

Micro mobility. My project will help to increase of micro mobility usage and it will contribute to increase of bike usage.

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • Help me to meet with correct IT poeple
  • Help me to meet with correct product designers

Project need(s)

  • Development of the app
  • Development of the lock