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Project description

PyroLoop valorize solid sanitary waste by transforming it in the process of pyrolysis into biochar – soil ameliorant that is 100% natural, 100% local and 100% circular. Our biochar is produced on the basis of human and dog fecal matter. The product responds to the demand of urban farmers and local authorities in charge of green areas in the city, namely how to keep the soil alive when it is surrounded by concrete, which means that it is cut off from its larger natural eco-system. The mission of the company is to contribute to the sustainable and climate-conscious transition towards cleaner, greener and more circular Brussels and Belgium.

Issue addressed by the project

Problem 1: Safeguard nutrient and water cycles in soils of rather isolated and scattered green spots in an urban context; Problem 2: Too much CO2 in the atmosphere, especially in the cities; Problem 3: Lack of alternative solutions for fecal matter valorisation; Problem 4: Street pollution with dog droppings. Solution: valorize solid sanitary waste by transforming it into biochar - a natural soil ameliorant that keeps the urban soil alive, have a large water holding capacity and is considered as a carbon capture solution (so far, nobody in Europe uses solid sanitary waste to make biochar).

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • Biochar production based on solid sanitary waste

Project need(s)

  • Validate the product to respond to the European norms for biochar (tests, planned later this year)
  • Necessary environmental permits
  • Funding to start the activities
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PyroLoop: Closing the natural nutrient loop

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