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Project description

Momly aims to radically change the lives of mothers with a wearable, elegant and reliable connected breast pump and App to help them combine breastfeeding with their busy lives. With this breastpump our ambition is twofold: 1) Support a societal change towards gender equality 2) Support breastfeeding with the associated health benefits for mothers and children

Issue addressed by the project

Mothers collect their milk with a breast pump to feed their baby, typically when they return to work. Breast pumping is a daily struggle for 2 mothers out of 3 : they feel like a cow, are stuck for too long in an extremely uncomfortable position, and despite all the efforts, are stressed about collecting the 400ml their baby drinks everyday at daycare.

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • Momly Breastpump is discreet: fits in a bra, goes unnoticed under ones' clothes and is silent
  • The Breastpump is mobile: hands-free, designed to stay in place while on the move, leak proof
  • Momly is reliable: proprietary technology that provides greater peace of mind to mothers as to have enough milk to feed their baby

Project need(s)

  • Partnerships with other maternity/baby brands
  • Engineer with experience in motor control and/or in device development and industrialisation requiring injection moulding & electronics
  • Funding

Event(s) in which the project participated