Mission Space

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Project description

We design and build constellations of nano-satellites, while developing the ancillary software and hardware for earth and space observation.

Issue addressed by the project

Imagine an Australian rural farm with palm trees or an array of vessels in the Atlantic...both need to be monitored, tracked and manage on a daily basis. With only 10% of the world covered by cellular network, assets in the hard-to-reach uncharted areas lack proper coordination tools. With a unique approach to earth observation, at Mission.Space, we design and build constellations of nano-satellites that provide global coverage for businesses where overseeing and analyzing data is an essential part of their operations. In addition, we also work closely with space weather data research to study dangerous hazards for satellites and help institutions increase accuracy of space weather forecasting.

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • Reach out to Space Agencies or Institutions to offer them our innovative approach to space weather forecast and radiation particles measurements
  • Gather as many pre-contracts for IoT services as possible from different industries (marine, agriculture, environmental, mapping, logistics)
  • Find expert space business developers with a dense network or connections in the space sector that would help us to find the most optimal strategy for further development

Project need(s)

  • Help us to find potential strategic alliance to advance R&D of space weather research and seek potential collaborations
  • Help us to determine our potential clientele and connect with them to see if they would be interested in our earth-observation/IOT connectivity services
  • Help us to find professionals in the space industry that could be our mentors/advisors that would cooperate with us to advance our services to address unmet market needs



Femtosatellite constellation

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