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Project description

Inefficient designs, long lead times, and incompatible components restrict access to space for incumbent and new satellite manufacturers alike. SPiN’s universal adapter, MA61C, transforms incompatible off-the-shelf components to plug-and-play, reducing design costs by 50%, production costs by 30%, and integration time by a year. By providing a compact and low-cost solution, SPiN democratizes access to space and empowers satellite manufacturers to spend high-value time and money where it counts: pursuing new ventures.

Issue addressed by the project

Satellite system manufacturing process is expensive and time-consuming due to the uniqueness of each of the sub- system. During satellite manufacturing, each sub-system requires adaptation before assembling to the spacecraft. This translates to high mission cost and a multi-year project.

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • MA61C

Project need(s)

  • Funding


Explainer video

Multipurpose Adapter Generic Interface Connector (MA61C)