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How can LUGUS help non scuba divers to discover the ocean? Nowadays, either you discover the great barrier reef using google map's "street view" or you fly all the way there and pay a high price to scuba dive. Our Story Solution: Scuba Divers are jumping from the boat to explore an Amphibious Tank that sunk in WW2. The boat driver throws the underwater drone in the water and Sabine (who could not join because of her seasickness) starts to pilot the drone from her student residence (miles away from the dive site). After a while, she reaches a 30m depth level and starts to distinguish the shape of the wreck. She suddenly hears the excitement of a diver swimming close to the drone. "It feels like if he is next to me!" screamed Sabine on her microphone with an excited voice. In the meanwhile, Sabine’s bestfriend logs into LUGUS platform and joins Sabine in the adventure; witnessing all the excitements while taking pictures of the Tank that was laying down on the sand for decades now. How can LUGUS help scuba divers? It is difficult for scuba divers to analyse underwater weather in order to prepare a dive. Often the forecast data can only be found in websites specialised for the maritime industry (boats, ports, ...) or for surfers. Divers simply stick to the website(s) they are used to. For the Divers that do not know how to prepare the dive regarding sea condition, they simply stick to a buddy that knows the dive site and is prepared. Our Story Solution: Scott just arrived at the dive site and joins his friend that are already gearing up. Suddenly his phone vibrates. He unlocks it and open the notification panel: New message from Sea Whims: "Hi Scott, 30 minutes to get into the water at Swansea Bridge. Water is at 21°C ;)" He opens the app to watch the real-time footage and loosely estimates the visibility to be around 10 meters. He turns to his friends and says: "It’s gonna be a promising dive, buddies! :D"

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