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The integration of ESG and ethical criteria into operations has never been more important than right now. To invest ethically, the priority must be greater clarity and a stronger, more harmonized framework. Label R. certification provides this stronger framework. Real assessment of ethical investments is improved, while mitigating the risk linked to investment. • Our certification distinguishes clients from others in the industry by offering access to the only existing AML, Anti-corruption and Ethical Financial practices certification • We mitigate ESG and ethical risks through application of strict controls and checks of our clients’ reputation and process, coupled with on-site audits • We help investors and AIFM to assess the ESG and financial risks of their funds and to compare it with peers through a global ESG benchmark • Our system offers companies and funds compliance with the highest standards: the UN Global Compact, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the IFC Performance Standards • We provide high value deliverables for investors, customers, suppliers and employees. Companies or alternative funds approach us for an initial assessment of their internal ESG processes. If already operating with the correct standards, the process is completed by an onsite audit, and the resulting Label R. certification secures and enhances the companies’ or funds’ reputation. However, if standards must be raised, Label R. adds value by assisting the company or fund to structure and implement a plan to obtain certification within 1 to 2 years. In each case, our services are highly customized according to the company or fund size, scope and maturity. Our support is adaptive and reflects the ever-increasing ESG and sustainability related pressures.

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