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Project description

Being alone in a dispute, having to face the high costs of lawyers' fees and justice, means that today justice is out of reach for most of the plaintiffs who, faced with these difficulties, end up giving in and are therefore not compensated for the prejudice suffered. And often citizens face the same problem... But how can we group together and fight the problem with the same lawyer, in an efficient and affordable way? KIKLEGAL answers this question with its platform designed to help victims of injury to create or find a collective action in which they can participate to resolve their disputes. In order to achieve this, the victims, having suffered the same damage, join together by taking part in the collective action through our platform and are represented by the same lawyer, which considerably reduces the overall costs, thus facilitating access to justice.

Issue addressed by the project

Digitalizing the legal procedure that is the collective action. Bringing an affordable justice to resolve big problems. Giving to lawyers and citizens through our dedicated platform, the possibility to easily create, participate or manage a collective action for mass litigation.

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • Meet lawyers, lawfirms and legaltech actors
  • Pitch and spread the word
  • Share the idea

Project need(s)

  • Business connections in the legaltech field
  • Inform the crowd about our service and existence
  • We need and love the community spirit!


How KIKLEGAL helps you to be compensated for damages?