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Project description

We are building an employer review platform for 25 million developers. There are 15 million engineering jobs ads annually. Developers are looking for a job according to important job factors: technology, product, team, culture, work-life balance, learning opportunities, and compensation. They don't have that information on job boards, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. We provide reliable insights about employers, with anonymous reviews from our developer's community. All information is organized by important job factors. Developers can explore tech companies, apply for a job, or be matched with an employer. Additionally, they have a Q&A section similar to Stack Overflow, where they can ask and learn anything about companies and tech careers. Joberty is the market leader in Serbia in terms of employer reviews for tech companies. We reached Product-Market fit after less than 12 months (MVP was launched in July 2019): - 20k registered users - 450 tech companies - 120k monthly visits - 150 paying clients - MRR 20k EUR We are expanding operations to the US (California) in July 2021, which is the world's biggest tech market with 5M developers (630k in California).

Issue addressed by the project

The problem that we want to solve is how to connect developers with the right tech companies.

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • Employer reviews
  • Job ADS
  • Match-Making

Project need(s)