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Project description

A lot of companies, especially SMEs, are still facing a paper challenge: they still need to key in manually data that is delivered to them on PDF forms or on paper. Intelligent OCR solutions exist which allow to reduce this paper challenge. But, they are expensive and difficult to install, train and maintain. Hence, we offer this functionality as a service: the clients drop their documents on our sharepoint, we interpret the documents, retrieve the necessary information and return the information under structured format (csv, XML, Json, etc.). The data that could not be intepreted by our robots is handled by our back-office. Our back-office is mainly composed of autist people, who train our engines and correct the incorrectly handled documents.

Issue addressed by the project

Paper challenge faced by all companies but especially SMEs

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • make publicity
  • bring us in contact with prospects

Project need(s)

  • increase visibility of ISI-DOC
  • increase sales

More information

ISI-DOC : Intelligent Solution to Interpret Documents