Improved inactivated vaccine

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Project description

Various methods of genetic modification or adding extra substances (adjuvants) are employed to induce cellular and/or mucosal responses in inactivated vaccines1,2, because traditional inactivated vaccines are often considered to only effectively trigger humoral immunity; and because inactivated pathogens cannot enter the host cell to proliferate, and cannot induce the production of CTL through endogenous antigen presentation; the immune effect of the traditional methods of vaccine inactivation have certain limitations. Mucosal membranes are protected primarily by secretory IgA (S-IgA)---the induced local immunity can lead to generalized immune response---and systemically administered preformed IgA antibodies would be of little help3. Our method: inactivate not only germ(s), but also germ-related cells (human cell model stimulated by live virus/germs), by changing temperature and digestion of cell enzymes, inducing humoral, cellular and mucosal responses, in the natural way. And timing of sampling would be optimized. This general method virtually applies to the production of serum-like solutions too (personalized).

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