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FIBS is an eco-innovative building system for a very fast & easy construction of walls. This ingenious new system allows you to build without frame, screws, nails, or mortar. Instead, our specially designed FIBS Building Blocks are connected with our FIBS Key, ensuring great stability and design flexibility. Are a lack of time and funds an issue? Do you experience a shortage of qualified staff? With the FIBS Key, the heart of our building system, we entirely eliminate the drying period and speed up the construction process, more than any other method currently out there. Plus, our easy and fun assembly design can be used by professionals, tinkerers and amateurs alike, making it simpler to realise your projects. Moreover, our FIBS products are modular, fully interchangeable and can be deconstructed and reassembled to your needs, reducing not only time and money, but also eliminating construction waste to a maximum. With its capacity to be reused multiple times, FIBS embraces the spirit of circular economy and offers an eco-responsible product variety. We use certified wood from responsible sources and fully respect the latest environmental and health requirements to offer you the best possible products as they are sustainable and long-lasting. Its modular assembly helps form and reform any structure, and allows for targeted changes or replacements, minimising waste-generation to create truly green buildings. FIBS Building Systems offers you great diversity and versatility: it is well-suited for renovation work, creating Room in Rooms, building exterior and interior walls, mounting supporting and partitioning walls, and placing dividing elements. It is also very suitable for increasing and decreasing large spaces, such as office spaces, warehouses and exhibition halls, providing you with nearly unlimited construction possibilities. Our FIBS Products come in a wide range of materials. The standard FIBS Building Blocks and Elements come in two types of wood, OSB and plywood. For an even better finish and greater look, we offer different wood types such as pine, beech or acacia. For a premium end result, we recommend woods like oak, teak, bamboo or olive, adaptable and personalisable to your every wants and needs. FIBS Building Systems – The next generation of sustainable construction!

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