Evercity platform

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Project description

Evercity is a blockchain, IoT and AI-powered platform for impact measurement, management & investment. It helps to attain UN Agenda 2030 by enabling impact funds & banks to increase impact measurement accuracy, efficiency of portfolio management & profitability of impact investments with digital technologies.

Issue addressed by the project

Attaining UN SDGs requires trillions of dollars yearly, which cannot be achieved merely by public funds. This problem is solved by impact investment market, however it is also faced with several important challenges: inaccurate and not sufficiently transparent measurement of investment outcomes due to lack of on-site data, lack of metrics for sustainability-related risks and outcomes, poor investment liquidity and relatively low investment returns, inefficient portfolio management, unclear methodology for impact allocation. Relying on 4 years of impact tech R&D, membership in Climate Chain Coalition and methodological support of UNFCCC, Evercity platform solves these challenges preventing development of impact investment market: Impact measurement module allows automated collection of project data from IoT sensors, drones, satellites. AI module allows matchmaking between projects and investors according to investment criteria, as well as scoring projects, forecasting their outcomes and assessing SDG risks. Digital impact finance module enables issuance of digital shares/debt/revenue sharing instruments as well as impact derivatives on blockchain. We are now working on an SDG-linked bond pilot. DAO module allows to digitize and automate corporate and investment processes as well as voting and dividend distribution.

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • Issuance of digital green finance

Project need(s)

  • Networking with Luxembourg innovative community including Luxembourg Green Exchange


Demo of Evercity platform

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