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Project description

We still remember some of our best school teachers or professors for their way of teaching and enhancing our interest in the subject. We have moved on in life, whereas some of them are still doing the same thing. How about adding some spice and excitement to their life? Edunier is a project to create cross-cultural opportunities for educators so that their skills and knowledge can reach beyond boundaries. This will enhance their self-confidence and students' interest in the subject. Our teachers/ Professors will be given opportunities to take classes beyond boundaries and they can learn from each other such as New style of teaching, managing class, creating curriculum. I am actively looking for a partner and investor for this project named Edunier.

Issue addressed by the project

Teachers and professors are stuck with the same kind of environment for years. It does know give them exposure to the world outside their classroom. It impacts their self esteem .

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • Create a platform
  • Connect educators to each other
  • Create a campaign to spread awareness

Project need(s)

  • Developer, Investor
  • Get connected with teaching community
  • Platform to share the goal

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What is Edunier