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Project description

We created a mobile application that allows people to calculate and gain knowledge about the sustainability of their eating habits. Offering a practical way to implement the most impactful changes you just learned about, one step at a time within your personal zone of comfort. We offer this solution on a freemium base, so everyone has access to the correct information additional comfort comes at a premium subscription of 5€/month. Our solution can be used by restaurants to display and communicate their efforts in their challenge for a sustainable future. Companies can use our platform to generate a common goal with their employees in order to set up a more sustainable food-culture within the company that truly engages their teams, offering a truly sustainable alternative to offsetting their carbon emission and showing the true

Issue addressed by the project

Uncertainty in the information regarding sustainability of food products, the way to become more sustainable and the time and effort it takes to figure this out for yourself/communicate honest and open about it.

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • Science backed sustainability scores of recipes in a mealplanner that keeps your progress
  • Journey through science/health/diet challenges
  • An easy way of communicating on food-sustainability of businesses and restaurants

Project need(s)

  • Idea's on the sales funnel of our B2B market
  • Challenge the pricing model on B2B side
  • Contacts and partners in the food-industry business