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Project description

The Detergent market/market of laundry aids is a dynamic one where innovation is a key driver for the industry and manufacturers have to intensely compete to retain consumer interest. Having that in mind, we developed unique polymer composition which is able to address all the below-mentioned problems. We are helping people to feel more safe and protected during laundry process knowing that their favorite piece of clothes is protected with Dr. Knight whatever cycle of washing they use, short or long, hot or cold. And not just that, exceptional design of Dr. Knight keeps washing machines safe from filter clogging and possible re-deposition of fugitive dyes from current solution to clothes. Making Dr. Knight biodegradable and from renewable resources we addressed need from one of most challenging customers. Those one who want to feel protected during laundry and in the same time to use completely green solution, which is usually very challenging process to have and not just in this industry. By making Dr. Knight with simple procedure, on ambient pressure and temperature, we created product that contributes to sustainability, circular economy and health. Re-usability and easy handling of the product will take care of home budget motivating people to use the Dr. Knight and be environmentally responsible.

Issue addressed by the project

Washing of colored fabrics causes dyes or colorants bleeding resulting in undesirable discoloration and coloration of fabrics followed by unsatisfactory appearance of the fabrics after washing. Actually, according to research, 80% of consumers experienced dyeing of laundry during washing process. A possible solution for aforementioned problems is hand sorted into like-color groups before washing which is time-consuming and inconvenient. Another way to stop dye transfer during laundry washing is to use dye transfer aid or color catcher in the form of a sheet. Despite valid results of the sheets, there are still important points that should be improved: 1) toward sheet application: single-use, not standalone solution, filter clogging due to the physical shape and size of the sheet which causes an extra costs for repairing machine; dye re-deposition from already colored sheets to clothes during the next washing cycle if it is forgotten in the washing drum; 2) climate and ecological point: production of current solution includes use of petrochemicals and energy consumption, e.g. high pressure and high temperatures while people are becoming more environmentally conscious and expect from companies to be environmentally responsible (86% of US consumers expect companies to act on social, environmental issues - Cone Communications study); 3) industry point: Henkel has patent over existing solution (by acquiring Spotless group) which gives them monopoly over this category of products

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