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Project description

We know how difficult it is to feel alone and lost in a new city, though to connect with like minded people and share experiences. Our purpose is to answer those people's issue through 3 main pillars: Flexibility, Community and all inclusive services. All our buildings will be designed to help people to connect, bring them together and share experiences. We believe being part of a community leads to more fulfilling lives for everyone. Our application will be a one-stop shop which allows our members to be connected to the community and manage their stay at their fingertips. At the same time, we provide landlords with higher and longer term recurring cash flows while taking care of their properties and simplify their life. We assist HR Business Partners to increase attractiveness while improving employees onboarding. We bring cities with a potential answer to the challenging residential market Luxembourg is currently facing while promoting the gentle mobility and a global responsible consumption. Our business model: has highly repeatable long-term cash flows, is asset-light, aligns economically every stakeholder.

Issue addressed by the project

Any Brexit refugees moving from London to Luxembourg will find at least one aspect of the Luxembourg reminds them of home: a housing market that increases year after year. Even with greater urgency from the authorities, the supply of housing has failed to keep up. As most of the largest urban areas, Luxembourg is not an exception and is currently facing a housing crisis where average prices across all types of housing can grow by more than 10% a year. In the mean time, from sharing transportation to shared work spaces, the sharing economy is becoming the new normal. Even if housing has lagged behind, it is currently catching up and experimenting a strong momentum to adapt to this new life style. This movement is emphasized with all those thirty something years old Big4 consultants coming from all over the world who are looking for independence and are expecting the future of rental living to be more flexible: they don't want to worry about a 12 month long lock-in period, tie up a several thousands euros deposit or feel alone in a city where they are not connected yet.

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • Increase building density
  • Foster community
  • Digitization of the rental management

Project need(s)

  • Design and build our app
  • Challenge our business model
  • Tax issues