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Project description

Moïen is a european platform created to give a better experience of short and long term houserental We build a system that : - manages sub-location to create value for each parts : landlords, tenants, agencies (10 to 20% of new revenues compared with a rent without Moïen). - is more competitive than the current majors (25% better) thanks to the end to end experience ( short + long term) - redistributes this created value for more social justice, try to impact the rental market in favor of tenants, while protecting the assets and interests of owners (create a landlord-tenants win-win situation) - takes into account carbone compensation in our pricing offer

Issue addressed by the project

Moïen creates value by optimising the utilisation rate of houses through subletting. For landlords this means a single system that allows them to manage their properties more simply while creating additional income. For the tenant it means access to subletting and thus the creation of additional purchasing power. We also allow travellers to access accommodation that is not currently on the market, at a lower cost and via an eco-responsible system. Moïen also innovates by providing an end-to-end system for managing long and short-term rentals. Our systems include artificial intelligence for scoring tenants and housing offers; an innovative guarantee system to protect owners in real time from non-payment.

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • fundraising
  • advices

Project need(s)

  • webmarketing

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