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Project description

Since 2006, integration is our keyword, understanding the importance of scalable continuity to the success of business is where we excel. By providing end to end turnkey Extended Reality solutions that support your business needs from inception to completion, XRintelligence enable your organisation to gain a competitive advantage today and tomorrow.

Issue addressed by the project

As a CEO, how will I create a competitive advantage with post-digital technologies (Extended Reality, Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain) and design a vision and a strategy ?

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • XR Strategy for industry
  • XR Integration
  • XR Implementation

Project need(s)

  • Network of experts in Post-Digital
  • IT architects for Real time visualisation and simulation
  • XR developers, designers and project managers (Unity, Unreal, WebGL, Blender, Agile)


Virtual World

The Art Of Immersion