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Autres Validation du projet

The LIME medical GmbH was founded in October 2016 by Pascal Lindemann and Dominic Libanio and tries to enter the market of developing, producing and selling robotic rehabilitation devices with their first product HERAX. In the beginning of 2016 Lindemann and Libanio started the project as part of the competition Jugend Forscht. Due to the success of 3rd place nationwide the team was able to set up a big network of stakeholders (doctors, therapists, economists).

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Services Start-up de -3 ans

Catalyze est une plateforme permettant à des développeurs immobiliers de compléter le financement de leurs projets en empruntant de l’argent auprès d’investisseurs privés.

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Click'n Park

Entreprise établie (+ 3 ans)

Cette plateforme permet à des propriétaires possédant des places de stationnement partiellement utilisées ou non-utilisées, d’annoncer celles-ci par le biais de la plateforme, pour être réservées par des conducteurs à la recherche de tels espaces de stationnement. Click'n Park est non seulement une plateforme permettant d'annoncer des places de parking en location ou en vente, mais elle offre également, un service sur mesure vous permettant de nous faire part de vos besoins particuliers. Quelle que soit votre demande, celle-ci sera traîtée par nos soins en cherchant pour vous la place de parking adéquate. Ces services sont accessibles sur le site web www.clicknpark.lu et très bientôt sous forme d’application iOS téléchargeable pour mobile.

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GreyCat by DataThings

TIC Start-up de -3 ans

DataThings develops GreyCat (http://greycat.ai), a technology to support companies in making their daily operational decisions, by turning big data flows into actionable and valuable insights – even in live. GreyCat is the result of several years of research to efficiently analyze data in motion at scale—in live. We develop our technology stack from end-to-end: machine learning, data analytics, data storage, and dashboards are deeply customisable and adaptable to the businesses of our clients. GreyCat provides state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, like neuronal networks and Gaussian mixture models, to empower businesses with the most advanced and up-to-date analytics.

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innoVR – Interactive City

Services Validation du projet

Les supports actuels (guides, revues, plans de la ville) contiennent des informations statiques et de nature générale dont le contenu reste figé et ne peut pas être adapté jusqu'à une nouvelle édition. Même les applications actuelles pour smartphone sont plutôt indigestes et non adaptées aux besoins d'information de la clientèle qui se trouve directement devant le lieu en question. Il n'existe donc aucune interactivité entre les deux acteurs. La solution est d'offrir de la réactivité au commerçant en vue de pouvoir publier les informations de son choix et de les garder quotidiennenemt à jour. De son côté, le visiteur pourra facilement et de manière interactive avoir accès à des informations actualisées de son enrvironnement immédiat qui lui seront d'utilité immédiate.

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Kussbus by Utopian Future Technologies SA

Autres En création

All urban areas are facing the same problems when it comes to road transportation: congestion (time) and emissions (health & environment). For most cities on earth, adapting their infrastructure to the yearly increasing traffic flow is almost impossible. Housing prices are increasing while the economy of the cities is growing. Hence, commuter areas are reaching always further form the city centre and public transportation can hardly adapt. This is the main reason why over 2/3 of today's commutes in the EU are made by car and why congestion is getting worse every year. Kussbus challenges this problem by offering people a shared ride service without any concessions to make. 1 Kussbus can replace up to 19 cars, hence increases infrastructure efficiency, reduces congestion, and decreases per capita emissions.

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TIC Validation du projet

Very little and affordable IT solutions exist to enable full traceability and transparency of a food product from farm to fork. Even though society expects for more transparency over food products, the market fails to provide a reliable and trusted solution. Blockchain is a shared cryptographically unalterable ledger for recording the history of transactions. It’s not centralized, it’s not owned by any party, it is democratized. Ultimately, it increases trust between parties, because every single modification of the information can be traced, and no one is on top. It increases accountability, and above all transparency.

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Services En création

Opexify.io is redefining the way your front-line and back office workers do their job today. Thanks to our business process as service platform, we help you improve the productivity of teams. With our lightweight technology, we support you on building your next generation optimization strategy, with one focus on Robotics Process Automation in order to deliver impactful value to the business, optimize the way you work, enhance your operational efficiency and reduce the operational risk.

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Wonderful Artists On Web ! (Waow!)

Autres Start-up de -3 ans

Waow! is a marketplace, where independent visuals artists willing to reach a market meet art lovers looking for original & affordable art. However based on the business model, you will easily understand that sales are only a pretext to drive data. Artworks (from 20 to 1500€) are displayed randomly in full screen based on filters applied. The picking method is borrowed from Tinder: Like/Dislike. We provide discovery and emotion to our users, and cut intermediaries for artists. The artists upload artworks on their online galleries to increment our feed. The buyers live a disruptive buying experience at low price (Artwork price: 290€ avg). Via data analytics artists can optimize sales and galleries have access to Waow!’s nuggets just like producers on YouTube. AR is one of our development axis for increasing business volume. Waow! is a launchpad for creators, as a showcase for galleries.

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TIC Validation du projet

"MaGrid” is an innovative early math tablet-based training tool designed to foster pre-schoolers math precursor skills.

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Genzõ (with smart glasses)

Communication/marketing/publicité Start-up de -3 ans

With the deployment of the portable technology Smart Glasses we create a real-time audio/video connection on demand between the healthcare professional or informal caregiver who wears glasses and someone who can support remote (watch and communicate through iPad). This could be a health care professional with a specific/unique level of expertise (specialist, psychologist, educator or nurse). This creates opportunities for formal and informal caregivers to remotely support outpatient care and bring extra quality to inpatient care. The software is called Genzõ.

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TIC Entreprise établie (+ 3 ans)

BrioLab est une agence de transformation numérique des activités RH qui accompagne les entreprises, en particulier les PME qui souhaitent digitaliser leurs activités RH en automatisant leurs procédures et en améliorant l’autonomie de leurs employés. BrioLab fournit différents services permettant de procéder à la numérisation des activités RH pas à pas. Ces services comprennent ; de la consultance RH, un audit de transformation numérique, l'installation d'une solution de gestion des talents.