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Atheris Connects people and assets to business information improves efficiency through user-friendly software --- Atheris Services is an Internet of Things (IoT) company that offers services in IoT Integration, Data management and Visualization design. Atheris helps companies to integrate new or existing IoT solutions, in order to create impacting improvements in their business. Therefore, Atheris has developed an efficient and cost-effective approach to help companies work with IoT and 4.0 technologies. Atheris' approach consists of centralizing any incoming data into Owlata, a flexible IoT Data Management System (DMS). Owlata collects all data in a single point of access. Data are flattened and harmonized based on their Context. This approach is cost effective as only one connection is established with your ERP or Information System. Furthermore, Owlata connects any device within a few clicks. Owlata is an advanced and user friendly IoT Data Management System. It easily manages Devices (data providers), data connectors (ERP, Open Data, IS etc.) and data itself, with many advanced functionalities. Owlata is a user-friendly software providing functionalities as full dashboarding, data analysis, artificial intelligence data prediction, real-time monitoring, alarms, reporting, open data access, data marketplaces access and many more. Atheris helps your company in the setup of smart devices from your needs' definition to the full installation. Owlata handles the Data Management layer and connects the hardware to the desired IT system. For custom user interfaces needs, Atheris provides specific integration and applications development services.

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