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The business case is simple. We noted that 70% of interviewed non-professional artists, who produce in average 11 artworks a year, find it hard to reach a market to increase sales while 60% of interviewed potential buyers are looking for affordable artworks regardless the fame of the artists. Waow! is a marketplace where those two populations can match expectations. Our core target is visual amateur artists, creators, craftmen… In opposition with online galleries, which are targeting bankable artists and connoisseurs, we are targeting groups of anonymous amateurs. Our business model relies on two pillars: sales + traffic incomes and packages. We apply a commission fee on sale (30% max. of the requested amount) when art galleries apply a minimum of 50%. We offer several inclusive packages to assist our artists in reaching their market: 1) Enhanced visibility (number of waps, conversion rate, rankings, notifications, newsletters…) 2) Client Profiling (Definition of the client-type profile: Who? Where? When? What? Why?...) 3) Client Targeting “à la carte” (Modification of the appearance algorithm) 4) Variable commission on sale (reduction of the commission depending on the deal timing) FYI: Packages are inclusive. Price for 4) is 299.99€ a year. Exhibition in art gallery costs 250€/a wall/a week in mid-size town in France without knowing what visitors had in mind. Development leverages are made from traffic: As soon as we have reached the milestone of 70 000 artworks available we will apply an upload fee (1€). Mid-2018, we will introduce a Stay on Market policy for artworks (5€ per notification) and offer a dedicated package to art galleries, so they can pick our raising talents (10 000€ a year). The most important achievement we have is our community and the requests we receive from the market. Upon request of the market, we are developing Artech tools for museum, art galleries and art fairs. We plan to reach the break even by the end of 2018, to match an objective of 5M€ turnover in 2022, we already have 32 000 products.

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