Energie Ingéniérie Intelligence artificielle Automatisation

Description du projet

The energy sector is evolving fast: look at the number of electrical vehicles in the street, the number of installed heat pumps in Europe and the emergence of dynamic electricity tariffs (Flanders, Netherlands, Germany, Danemark, Nordics & South countries). Those trends highlight the need for smarter & easy-to-setup energy management solutions that minimize the electricity costs for end users. Totems provides a full cloud-based solution (Saas) for business customers in the energy sector (energy utility, electric vehicle OEM, HP OEM,...) who target to offer energy management systems to their end customers (home, SME or energy community).

Problématique abordée par le projet

Minimize the end-user electricity cost and increase the value provided by the business customers

Solution(s) offerte(s) par le projet

  • Smart and easy-to-setup solution that minimizes the electricity costs for the end-customers
  • No need for heavy hardware installation - cloud-based control of the energy appliances
  • Easy integration within the business customer ecosystem (CRM, customized App,...) - Saas

Besoin(s) du projet

  • Co-founders with management or BE SW skills
  • Investors

Événement(s) au(x)quel(s) le projet a participé