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The pain: The immobilization of a limb in case of a fracture is usually ensured by a plaster of Paris or a synthetic casting. These casts are a source of problems for the patient, such as: post-operative complications, itchiness, non-waterproof, loss of mobility (heavy & thick) and needing 5 different casts during the whole healing process. The solution: At Spentys the 3D printed cast that is being developed and tested on patients solve these problems: it’s light, waterproof, possesses a structure that allows aeration and it has their own developed clips to adapt the size of the cast to the deflating limb. These clips result in a need of only 2 immobilization devices for the whole healing process, compared to 6 in the traditional processes. Moreover, as a result the cast can be used as a splint for the re-education phase and cover approximately 90% of the whole healing process with one device. This added medical-value allows to maximise the daily well-being of the patients suffering from broken bone injuries and minimize the risk of medical complications. Web platform to make the casts accessible: To make Spentys medical device accessible to patients in a hospital environment, which is complex and not friendly to change, we must reduce the gap between this environment and the technologies used to obtain a 3D printed cast. This achievement will go through the development of a 3-step solution centralized on a web-platform. This solution, that is currently being developed, goes through 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing. The centralization through a web platform enables a faster and easier interaction between the 3 steps. It should be designed to make it the most user-friendly possible for the medical teams.

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    • Connaissance des systèmes de remboursement santé
    • Expertise ISO & certification CE medical device
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