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Description du projet

Firstly, our app primarily aims to foster community among cyclists. By connecting riders with one another, we not only promote camaraderie but significantly enhance safety and user experience. As Safety features, we intend to propose safe travel options, share the danger, share chargers, and many other functionalities. For instance, if a cyclist from Brussels wishes to ride in southern Belgium but finds no companions, they can log on to the app, locate available cyclists or groups in the desired area, and arrange a shared ride. Secondly, we anticipate cultivating a sizable user base attractive to cycling event organizers. SafeXp facilitates this connection by promoting events and charging a fee for every user that signs up for an event through our platform. We plan to levy a 5% fee on the registration cost, covering connection, event promotion, and payment process simplification. Moreover, we're committed to enhancing the event experience by reducing logistical constraints and streamlining user experiences. SafeXp, therefore, serves not just as a community builder, but also as a powerful tool for event organizers

Problématique abordée par le projet

For the cyclists: safety is the main criteria cited by cyclist that create an obstacle to ride more often. For events, all of them don't have money to spend on a fancy website which ensure a good user experience and their website is not creating the right input to have an efficient process. It is often laborious to register on almost all the events.

Solution(s) offerte(s) par le projet

  • Connect cylists
  • Allow to share information that are useful for others

Besoin(s) du projet

  • Ease the connection with users
  • Process improvement from the promotion to the registration through the payment

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