LINC (Living Community Projects)

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1) The housing infrastructure in Brussels is in bad shape (old, not well maintained, not in line with current housing standards) and the houses on offer do not fit occupants' needs. LINC proposes to acquire and renovate buildings, turning them into comfortable and eco-friendly communities, hereby using the process of co-creation. 2) Prices for renting, purchasing, or for renovating buildings have risen dramatically over recent years, leading to poverty, low or even no access to housing for some persons, and general frustration among a large number of Brussels inhabitants. LINC plans to rent out housing units at a fair price, reserving 15-30% of its patrimony for fragilised persons (low-income households, formerly homeless persons, refugees, persons in need of adapted housing etc.). 3) in many buildings where several households live under one roof, there are issues of lack of understanding, low tolerance, prejudgements etc. LINC's objective is to provide a balanced social mix, and to set up a good framework through partnerships with social organisations specialised in coaching and supervision. 4) Although real estate - in bricks, or via the stock exchange - remains an attractive investment alternative, many persons can't profit from this trend of financialisation of housing. With LINC it will become possible for small depositors to acquire shares from the cooperative, become co-owner of the coop's patrimony, and derive a profit from it. The profit will be financial, social and local.

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    • Owners of buildings in Brussels who are interested in selling their property to the cooperative
    • Autres
    • Financement

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