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Kussbus is an affordable and sustainable, door-to-door shuttle service for commuters bookable via mobile app. Door-to-door means that Kussbus is characterised by flexible routing and scheduling of shuttle buses where passengers don’t need to transfer. Kussbus operates in shared ride-mode with 19 seats shuttle buses between ad­hoc pick­up and drop-off locations. Shared ride-mode means that optimisation-algorithms book several passengers heading into the same direction into one shared vehicle. Hence, 1 Kussbus can save up to 19 cars on the road. Passengers find their virtual pick-up and drop-off location on a map in their mobile app. Passengers get real-time updates and notifications on the position of the bus and the estimated time of arrival. Time, commuters are losing today behind the wheel when driving, they will use more efficiently to work or relax in Kussbus. With comfortable seats and Wi-Fi, Kussbus gives people a business class experience. Kussbus operates during business days from 7 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 8 p.m.. Passengers can book until the last second, and change their booking in the last minute. Hence, they have maximum of flexibility if unexpectedly they need to stay longer or leave earlier from work.

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