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Developing fully autonomous AI powered systems is a long journey but there is a rising demand for AI products in the market; at the same time trustworthy is a big concern. In essence, there is a gap in the market regarding trusted AI powered decision support systems in public and private sector as well. As recent studies show that European AI industries mainly focus on data analytics, sales & marketing, health & medicine, process automation, and image recognition. Although only data analytics can be used for decision support tool, there is still need for algorithmic decision systems but with human augmentation and amplification for addressing the trustworthy, explainability, and high accuracy concerns. Furthermore, recent AI use cases highlight the need for human augmentation, particularly human-machine teaming addressing complex problems. Additionally, although there exists large volume of efforts at the EU and governmental levels, there is still lack of intelligent systems developed by companies to address societal challenges. Furthermore, according to ASGARD European AI companies’ database, among leading AI companies there is no hybrid intelligence company in Europe at national or international level. In addition, it is worth to mention that based on EU Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies Directorate Report, in terms of AI-Readiness Index and AI startup index, it is significant that there is still EU and Belgian AI gap. Considering AI and more importantly hybrid intelligence gap in our focus areas, we believe that hybrid intelligence is a new, multi-disciplinary field that we can operate and start a business. Our USP is “We develop next generation decision technology for private and public sectors”. Our motto is Hybrid Intelligence – “Know the Unknown, Think Smart, Act Faster”. Hybrid intelligence refers to perfect amalgam of artificial and human intelligence. With the help our unique methodology, we provide digital platforms and intelligent interactive services to governments and companies. For the first year, our cognitive smart product portfolio consists of Smart Navigator transforming big data into actionable business intelligence and bespoke intelligent threat & risk analysis; and Smart Sonar transforming big data into targeted marketing & sales. Considering our competitors, none of them provides hybrid intelligence-based decision support digital platforms and interactive services in our main focus areas, namely business intelligence, intelligent threat and risk analysis, predictive assessment; and autonomous systems and applications in particularly intersection of private and public sectors.

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