HepaVue Dx

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Description du projet

Chronic liver diseases impact over 2 billion people globally. Presently, the primary method to diagnose progressive liver disease is through liver biopsies. This invasive approach is hindered by costs, a notable sampling bias due to limited tissue evaluation and potential bleeding risks. Consequently, liver biopsy isn't ideal for mass screening, resulting in most cases being identified late, often at advanced stages (pre-transplantation) or after liver cancer, specifically hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), has developed. At HepaVue Dx, we leverage research from leading academic institutions in Belgium and beyond. Our mission is to introduce the world's first virtual liver biopsy, aiming to revolutionize liver disease diagnostics and reduce the reliance on traditional biopsies.

Problématique abordée par le projet

Currently, liver biopsy is the only method to detect progressive liver disease.

Solution(s) offerte(s) par le projet

  • Pioneering the first virtual liver biopsy using advanced imaging technology.

Besoin(s) du projet

  • 1. Funding, 2. highly-qualified clinical trial manager, 3. CRO

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