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The MACRO problem : our current meat production system is terribly unsustainable and we need to start shifting our consumption towards alternative protein sources. Crickets are one among many. In order for the consumers to start adopting them, they need to first be presented in a familiar form, such as tortilla chips. The MICRO problem : the salty snacks aisle in supermarkets, at the present moment, is completely dominated by an uniform selection of chips produced by big brands, packaged in matellic laminate, contaning many additives, high amounts of fat, and presenting an agressive branding and design. It has been shown that consumers are looking for a more modern form factor for their chips: one that includes an ecological packaging, local production, healthy ingredients and a more natural branding. The solution : we will locally produce healthy cricket protein-enriched tortilla chips, and package them in a natural-looking and ecological format.

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