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F4A is a concrete “win-win” solution to fight food waste on a supermarket level. F4A is a unique customer experience towards grocery shopping. Customers will not have to leave their favorite supermarket to act for the future of our planet! As simple as it sounds, all supermarket products arriving to their expiry date, will be centralized in one aisle at reduced prices: the F4A aisle. Before giving those products a second chance to shine, they pass via a quality check. When passed, products will proudly wear the F4A sticker to be recognizable from far away in supermarkets! What are the benefits for our partners: the supermarkets? Thanks to our Software, they increase the efficiency of their stock management, make profit out of their losses, while increasing their customer traffic and all that for a great cause: the reduction of food waste. It’s not all, our user-friendly App regroups all useful tools to shop consciously! Don’t worry, if you are not part of the digital world, you can also check our services on our website. (Available in fall 2018) F4A is a unique and creative Startup revolving around a B2B2C market! We target a forgotten customer segment: people with a lower income. But we don’t restrict ourselves: everyone who wants to act and make a difference is welcome! Financial hard times and the increase of the global population lead to a continuous growing customer segment. F4A has an international vision and wants to collaborate with every supermarket chain in the world. 1/3 of the food produced is wasted on an international scale, thus giving us the opportunity to grow fast. We will start our activities with Delhaize Luxembourg and Pall Center this fall 2018. Nevertheless, we are still negotiating with all actors in Luxembourg and beyond. This field being only recently explored; we can still count ourselves being part of the first leaders of the movement. But we are proud to be the first movers here in Luxembourg! Social Media is the key to success nowadays! That’s why each of our platforms has a specific role to attract and engage the customer. Our services go beyond the pure economical activities, F4A will also give conferences and animate workshops to create awareness and bring solutions towards food waste. F4A will not only change the consumption habit, but will be THE tool to shop in an eco-responsible way. By developing our partnerships, we will have a bigger impact and align ourselves with corporate social responsibilities. How do we make money? We take profit on everyday F4A sales’ and add other revenue streams with the launch of our premium App in 2019 and add placement on our different tools. We will also develop different services, such as food trucks and eco-friendly vending machines, to put into place the circular economy. F4A is not only good for your wallet, but it’s also good for the planet!

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