Cortex Machina

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Description du projet

Cortex Machina is a tech start-up developing Plug-and-Play Brain-to-Computer Interface (BCI) technology for the mainstream consumer market. Our aim is to democratize access to BCI, getting it out of the lab and into the hands of B2B & regular consumers everywhere. Our Technological Development Strategy consists of a hardware and a software component. The hardware component consists of the “Vortex”, a low-cost and user-friendly headset with an integrated scientifically validated EEG/BCI system. The software component consists of the “Cortex Desktop App”, providing BCI content creators with pre-trained AI models for easy integration of Vortex functionalities in their own applications, and providing BCI consumers with Plug-and-Play BCI access to popular mainstream programs through APIs without any neuroscience knowledge requirement.

Problématique abordée par le projet

Plug & Play system, giving access to all sectors to Brain to Computer interface (BCI)

Solution(s) offerte(s) par le projet

  • Accessibility without any neurosciences knowledge
  • Availability - no data sciences knowledge needed
  • Content Creation - Easy integration in all system

Besoin(s) du projet

  • Funding
  • Partners in healthcare sector and others
  • Visibility

Événement(s) au(x)quel(s) le projet a participé