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The market of music rights is under-developed and not transparent at all: investors cannot directly invest in the growing music market, and financing opportunities for artist, record labels and publishers are scarce. NEW FINANCING OPPORTUNITIES FOR ARTISTS, RECORD LABELS AND PUBLISHERS: By positioning itself as the bridge between the Music Industry and the Capital Markets, the objective of ANote Music is to sustain the market of music rights and foster its liquidity. We enable record labels, publishers and artists to sell part of their music rights on our platform. On the buy-side, investors can buy into those music rights that are being sold. Hence, ANote introduces a new form of financing for sellers and new investment and diversification opportunities for investors. THE ONLINE MARKETPLACE FOR MUSIC RIGHTS: In practice, ANote Music runs a marketplace and trading platform for music rights (MVP and legal clearance completed). After we perform a quality check, the rights are offered on our platform (as in an “IPO”), where bids from investors are collected. The rights are then allocated to investors through our Private Blockchain as Smart Royalty Contracts. At this point, the rights become tradable on the secondary market, where they are exchanged whenever bid and ask prices match. INVESTORS HAVE NOW ACCESS TO MUSIC ROYALTIES: Since songs generate cash flows (royalties) every time they are played, investors on ANote will receive royalties in the same way as they usually receive dividends from stocks. Transactions and royalty distributions are performed via our Blockchain to ensure safety and keep track of the ownership chain.

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