Forum Mind & Market Luxembourg : 1st Edition

Tuesday 30/06/2015

The First Mind & Market Forum in Luxembourg at Maison du Savoir, center of the Belval Research and Innovation Campus, was a great success


We are proud to confirm the presence of 50 projects teams as well as 120 market representatives.


Congratulations to Motion-S,, dealing with innovative telematics solutions for safer driving, which won the 1st prize at M&M in Luxembourg Forum awarded by Luxair.


Testimonials Mind & Market in Luxembourg  


Avenue W – Garance Wauthier (13.12.2015)


HuMiX – Pranjul Shah and  Sivakumar Bactavatchalou (29.11.2015)


Houser –  Kevin Colgan and Matti Heikkila (16.11.2015)


PerennityBook – Sarah Muschang (2.11.2015)


Motion-S, a Spin-Off of the University of Luxembourg – Rapaël Frank (17.10.2015)


  1. How would you describe your project in three words?

    Smartphone-based Telematics Solutions


  2. What were the highlights of this first Mind & Market Forum in Luxembourg? What was the most positive aspect of this forum for you and for your project?

    Events such as the Mind & Market Forum are essential to promote innovative ideas. The first edition of the forum was very well organized and allowed entrepreneurs to connect with investors and business mentors.


  3. In the two months following the Forum, what feedback did you receive from the Luxembourg market and businesses?What are your project’s immediate needs? (Contacts, funds, advertising, networking, co-working spaces?)

    As the winner of the first edition of the Mind & Market forum, we got extensive coverage by the national media. This allowed us to promote our spin-off activities and get in touch with potential investors. The next steps consist in raising new funds and continue with the development of our product.


  4. Where do you see your idea / project / start-up in five years? How do you envision the future of innovation in Luxembourg in five years?

    Our goal over the next five years is to expand our activities internationally and become a major player in the telematics business. It is our belief that Luxembourg will become an attractive hub for innovation in Europe. There is still some way to go but we are on the right track!


AWARDS – Mind & Market in Luxembourg


Many other qualiy projects were also awarded


  • HuMiX awarded by Luxinnovation and Technoport

The Eco Systems Biology group at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) has developed a disruptive patent pending technology (HuMiX), which will change the way the world of medicine will look at diseases in the future. In sum, “We are creating a new worldwide living platform to emulate the “Human Microbiome on-a-chip”.

  • Houser awarded by EuroDNS

Houser is a property search, comparison and analytics website. Houser tracks the prices of all properties, so prospective buyers can see changes for individual properties. Houser gets data for its service by aggregating information from popular listings sites in Luxembourg.

  • LuxPay awarded by LuxFuturLab 

The LuxPay Wallet is a mobile application that allows the user to digitalise their Debit/Credit cards, Transit Cards, Entrance Cards, Loyalty Cards, Chèques Repas, etc., making it more than just a payment system but a complete digital wallet to replace the actual wallet.

  • Neveo awarded by Nyuko

Neveo revolutionises the daily lives of our elders living alone at home or in nursing homes. Neveo connects the elderly and their families by using means of communication individuals feel most comfortable with: landlines and televisions for the elderly, smartphones or websites for the new-tech addicts

  • Braingineering Technologies awarded by Wildgen, Partners in law

At the Developmental and Cellular Biology group at the Luxembourg Centre for System Biology (LCSB) we are establishing a new method to generate three-dimensional organoids that resemble the human brain. At the current stage, we successfully use stem cells derived from the skin of Parkinson´s disease patients and differentiate them into neurons in a 3D environment in a way that cellular defects can be highlighted and identified This will be a model suitable to study disease pathogenesis, developmental defects and better predict drug efficacy.

  • Continousphp awarded by Alter Domus

Continuousphp is the first and only PHP-centric PaaS to build, package, test and deploy applications in the same workflow.

  • Perennity Book awarded by Deloitte

Perennity Book is a family-and-friends start-up arisen from an original idea and created in 2015 in Luxembourg. Perennity Book is a start-up focused on both web technology and specific services to ensure the creation and delivery of your unique capsule


Thank you to all, projects holders, partners, sponsors, for your great support and commitment.