Genzõ (with smart glasses)

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In the Netherlands (older) people are more and more encouraged to continue living independently at home. The result is that care at home becomes more complex. Complex care that was provided previously intramural is now provided in homecare situations. In nursing homes only the most complex clients are included. The maximum working load of a care professional who provides home care is increasing due to the growing complexity of care issues and the distance that they have to overcome to go from client to client. Also, the involvement of a colleague for assistance in the outpatient setting is tougher than the inpatient setting. Combined with the expectation that there wil be a deficit in the upcomming years of trained healthcare personnel for the care and cure, this provides a second challenge. "How do you ensure quality in outpatient care?". We discovered in the field that nurses, GPs and other health care professionals are spending there time “getting” there information. Rather this is patient information or protocols. The starting points of working with the Smart glasses was how do we “bring” information to he healthcare field? The nurses and informal caregivers that really need information and support. From this principle came three importend aspects of how the system should work: •It needs to be inpependend mobile. (works through 4G) •It needs to be easy to use (The wearer only needs a few tabs on the Glass to call in support) •It needs to be safe (secure) to use. With the deployment of the portable technology Smart glasses we create a real-time audio/video connection on demand between the healthcare professional or informal caregiver who wears glasses and someone who can support remote (watch and communicate through iPad). This could be a health care professional with a specific/unique level of expertise (specialist, psychologist, educator or nurse). This creates opportunities for formal and informal caregivers to remotely support outpatient care. The software is called Genzõ.

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