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Project description

The paint, wallpaper and tiles industry has existed for centuries, but for the most part it has remained analogue and non-scalable when it comes to how customers discussed, tested or made previews for their house projects. With our application, anyone can have a full palette of brands colors, assortment of wallpapers or tiles and (later on) flooring options on their phone and will be able to truly see for themselves how their choice would actually look in their home.  Our goal is to eliminate ordering paint samples and makeshift posters or wallpaper cutouts, remove trips to the store or waiting for the delivery, and instead make it all available at a touch of a finger. The specific problem we’re solving is for the end user - a person who wants to paint or redecorate their walls will be able to visualize and push ahead with their home project plan with more confidence.

Issue addressed by the project

Solution we're proposing for the end user is to have the full palette of available colors in their phone, ability to project it in AR in real time in their living space.

Solution(s) brought by the project

  • Using AI trained by NN, we want to have data attained from CV be presented in a way that allows for precise, fast and intuitive segmentation
  • Once segmented, the living space must be, with the second AI part, put into a logical order. Walls in the back, tables in the front, cups on the table. All of these things, our AI recognises, but would benefit from more ML and NN training and interaction with a wider user base
  • Once the space is segmented, analysed and compiled in a logical order, with AR technology we want to present the home improvement project, be it painting or applying wallpapers with high fidelity, in real time.

Project need(s)

  • To advance the project, we're looking to strenghten our foothold in the Machine Learning and Neural Network training spheres
  • Secondly, project needs connections with people in the AR and ML spheres so we can test our solutions on larger populations
  • Project wants to connect with people from the business sphere.


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