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Informations sur le projet

Rubrique(s): Autre

Stade de développement: Start-up de moins de 3 ans

Nom: What.Eve.Wears

Site Internet: https://www.whatevewears.com/

Page Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhatEveWears

Page Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/What.Eve.Wears/

Page LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/17923867/

Créé le: Tuesday 17 October 2017

Créateur: Stylianee Parascha

Administrateur(s): Stylianee Parascha

Présentation du projet

What.Eve.Wears focuses in ethical and sustainable production of women’s clothing line and later plans to expand to menswear and childrenswear. Demographics: 25 – 55 yo. Female consumers in Benelux, Germany, Skandinavian countries, UK and the world.
My value proposition is encompassed in the following characteristics: a product made in Europe. A smart collection with exquisite design for the conscious modern-day Eve to wear at the office and outside of it. A collection with timeless and classic lines, made to last, in order to combat fast and disposable fashion and to help the environment. Our materials will be 100% natural fibers that hold GOTS, fair trade etc. certifications. Organic cotton will be the staples, sourced locally when possible, as well as silk and other chemicals-free textiles. When sourcing locally is not possible, we will use textiles woven with traditional techniques in India and other places, to help with the local craftsmen welfare. The collection will come in all sizes, as we respect not only the environment, but the human body, as well, and the pieces will be in limited numbers, to promote individuality and to oppose mass production.
There is an ever-growing need for ethical products. According to a study ‘2.5 billion Aspirationals exist in the world. All of them love to shop, have a desire for responsible purchasing and trust their brands to be beneficial to society. 40% of them are Millenials’. I am targeting this exact market that is a niche market in most countries, but is rapidly creating momentum. Awareness against sweatshops and toxic clothing that the fast fashion movement has created is growing and I want to produce an alternative to the products conscious shoppers are not willing to buy any more. Needless to say, this is a high end product initially, but there is potential to create a more affordable line once the production cost will be lowered due to bigger production numbers.
Our business model: What.Eve.Wears will operate as an e-commerce initially and will focus on growing its brand awareness and try and build solid international clientele online. We will invest in strategic partnerships with online platforms in the following fields: cruelty-free, vegan, ethical & sustainable clothing business, new designers, Products made in Greece, concept stores. Our unique content marketing in Social Media channels will give us exposure and customers that convert, as well as the whole communication strategy, engaging with fashion bloggers, environmentalist groups, conscious shoppers and Millennials all over the world. Physical exposure is also important, so we will build partnerships with retailers like Naturata who are selling organic food and will potentially expand in the clothing business, we will sell in established concept stores and sustainable products’ boutiques like Charlie + Mary in Amsterdam and Akabobus in Luxembourg and we will also sell via pop up stores. We plan to tactically choose the events in which we will have a pop up, in order to target our pre set demographic.

Besoins du projet

  • Partenaires/Associés (compétences recherchées)
  • Accompagnement/Formation (quels domaines?)
  • Mentoring/Parrainage (présenter le projet à des experts / entreprises)
  • Financement
Liaising with local actors on sustainability
Partnering with women’s NGOs + foyers protegés
Access training, consulting, networking
Finding a reliable mentor
Learnings from other affiliated Social Entreprises

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