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Save the date for the 12th Forum in Louvain La Neuve. 23rd April 2020 at Aula Magna. Registrations will open in February.

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Gamers United

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Project information

Sections: Other, Communication

Development stage: In development

Name: Gamers United

Website: https://www.gamersunited.gg

Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/e_Gamers_United

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/egamersunited/

LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gamers-united/

Created on: Thursday, November 14 2019

Creator: Sacha Vandermeersch

Administrator(s): Sacha Vandermeersch

Project presentation

Our mission is to bring together all video game players and the main players of the market on our platform. The goal of the players and fans is to officially be able to self-evaluate, interact with each other and promote themselves to the entire esports community. We will, therefore, conglomerate all this community for an ethical and collaborative purpose.

Project requirements/needs

  • Funding
  • Mentoring / sponsorship (present project to experts / established companies)
  • Partnership / Associates (which skills?)
Thanks to the setting up of a management and software / artificial intelligence development team as well as the activation of our technological partners based essentially in Belgium, we plan to raise money for the realization of the MVP and its commercialization (launching, events, ...). This first round will be followed by another investment round for international expansion and the future creation of many jobs in Belgium, EU, US & Asia.

Problem & Solution (= market need, service or product description)

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Innovation (= compared to competition)

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Market (= potential market)

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Team (= skills and profiles)

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Why Mind&Market/Yncubator ? (= Project holder goals)

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Forums attended by the project

  • Forum Mind&Market Brussels – 1st edition

Gamers United

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Gamers United


Gamers United

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Gamers United


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Gamers United


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