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Hybrid Core-Alpha

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Project information

Sections: ICT

Development stage: In development

Name: Hybrid Core-Alpha

Created on: Thursday, November 7 2019

Creator: SUZEN Hasan

Administrator(s): SUZEN Hasan

Project presentation

Hybrid Core-Alpha offers explainable Hybrid Intelligence Solutions (Artificial + Human Intelligence) to government bodies, companies, international organisations, and academia. In this frame, our artificial intelligence and data scientists work symbiotically with sophisticated analysts and researchers to develop data-driven risk ratings and analyses that will be applied to a range of deep reinforcement learning models and AI applications for predictions with high accuracy.

Project requirements/needs

  • Funding
To achieve our objectives, we have highly motivated and capable human capital that were able to develop demo software and start to gather big data on a dedicated server and as well as hybrid intelligence models which will be base for further studies. So far, the cross-functional human-machine team has worked on a voluntary base for this project but to work full-time in an office environment with high performance workstations/computers in order to materialise our goals in R&D and following years, we need extra funding and/or subsidy. For the first year total cost, we need 550K euro. We have already engaged with VLAIO and the subsidy (around 250K) will be in process in coming months, so to fill the cost gap we still need 300K euro.

Problem & Solution (= market need, service or product description)

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Innovation (= compared to competition)

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  • Forum Mind&Market Brussels – 1st edition

Hybrid Core-Alpha

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Hybrid Core-Alpha


Hybrid Core-Alpha

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Hybrid Core-Alpha


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Hybrid Core-Alpha


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Avatar of the event AI-Centric Transformation in Business Seminar Training at Mind & Market

AI-Centric Transformation in Business Seminar Training

DateDate: from Tuesday, December 3 2019 to Tuesday, December 3 2019

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