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Project information

Sections: Agri-food

Development stage: In development

Name: Pick&Cook

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1526911627452698/

Created on: Monday, November 5 2018

Creator: Podaneva Alena

Administrator(s): Podaneva Alena

Project presentation

Our machine decides a huge amount of problems among the citizens of any european city, especially Luxembourg.

With our machine fresh and healthy products for a nice prices will be available for customers 24/7. Students who forget go shopping because of the exams can just get box of products with the receipe from machine and cook. Young mothers can not spend time anymore for shopping just get the box and have fun with her child while cooking at home. In the morning anybody who should be in a rush to the job can grab a healthy snack.

How does the machine work?
It consists of 2 parts: boxes with unspoiled food & fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks. Vegetables will be refilled every day & boxes will be refilled every 4 days in our werehouse, drive to the machines by car, where customers can take it.

Target group:
o Students - available price for the products
o Families (with kids) - for fun
o Working mothers - saving time for spending it with her children
o Young professionals - save their mind from choosing products in the shop among endless variaties
o Athletes - fresh & healthy food
o People who like cooking
o Budget travallers

Project requirements/needs

  • Funding
- Working space
- Car
- Warehouse
- License

Problem & Solution (= market need, service or product description)

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Innovation (= compared to competition)

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Market (= potential market)

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Team (= skills and profiles)

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Why Mind&Market/Yncubator ? (= Project holder goals)

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  • Mind & Market in Luxembourg Forum : 4th Edition


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