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Project information

Sections: Other, ICT, Sustainable Development

Development stage: Start-up < 3 years

Name: ProperGate.co

Website: http://www.propergate.co/

Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/propergateapp

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ProperGateApp/

LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/propergate/

Created on: Friday, October 26 2018

Creator: Walkowska Anna

Administrator(s): Walkowska Anna, Zaczek Piotr

Project presentation

ProperGate.co is an innovative software that introduces Just-in-Time deliveries to construction sites by providing smart assistance in ordering, scheduling, and unloading deliveries. The tool brings efficiency to complex construction projects by simultaneously managing logistics, environmental protection, employees, time optimization and budgets. The platform ensures not only savings and timeliness of projects due to optimization of the booking process for unloading process, but also impacts the CO2 reduction, thus facilitating the BREEAM or LEED certificates by monitoring emission of the vehicle. ProperGate in a simple, intuitive and effective way allows managing processes characterised by chaos and unpredictability. With our web application, fit to small, mobile and large computer screens, tasks of ordering deliveries by multiple subcontractors are monitored, coordinated and, if necessary, corrected right away.

Project requirements/needs

  • Partnership / Associates (which skills?)
  • Training / Coaching / Follow up (which areas?)
  • Mentoring / sponsorship (present project to experts / established companies)
  • Funding
Partnerships with Benelux Construction associations, Green building/certificates associations, BIM association, construction/engineering university in Luxemburg
Training/coaching on construction economics of highscapers, procurement in real estate/general contractor companies, operations in logistics/waste/ management process in general constructor teams, Circular economy aspects in construction management, concrete deliveries. ProperGate would like to meet decision takers from construction and real estate companies market in Luxembourg and other countries. We would like to receive feedback of our potential on Luxemburg market.

Problem & Solution (= market need, service or product description)

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Innovation (= compared to competition)

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Market (= potential market)

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Team (= skills and profiles)

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Why Mind&Market/Yncubator ? (= Project holder goals)

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  • Mind & Market in Luxembourg Forum : 4th Edition


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Created on Sunday, October 28 2018 at 02:35 pm par Walkowska Anna



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